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YouTube Video Converter for Mac

YouTube is popular for its multiple video resources and the freedom of hosting, tagging and sharing videos. It definitely a good experience to upload your favorite movies to YouTube. But before you upload them, first thing you should do is to transfer the video to the YouTube format that can be uploaded to the website as you need.

Video Converter for Mac software can help you convert any video to YouTube format, then you can upload your favourite videos to webstie to share with others.

How to Convert Video to YouTube for Mac?

Step 1: Run YouTube Video Converter for Mac and add videos

click the big button File -> Add Video Files to add videos from your hard disk, you may add as many videos as you want to convert to YouTube videos for uploading to website. Only the titles you checked will be converted.

youtube video converter for mac software interface

Step 2: Change the output settings

You'll find a wide range of preset video setting options avaiable. You may select "Video Formats" for converting video to Youtube for Mac. Remember that the output file size and converting speed mostly depends on the Bitrate you set. Larger Bitrate, larger file size and longer convertion time.

convert video to youtube for mac formats

Step 3: Start converting video to YouTube for Mac

Now you may click the big button Convert -> Start Conversion to begin converting video to YouTube compatible video files. Once the conversion is complete, YouTube video converter for Mac will place on your Desktop a new YouTube format version of your video that will upload to website. Double-click the new file and play it to make sure it looks as you expect.

mac youtube video converter progress

Now you can upload the YouTube video to website. Free download YouTube Video Converter for Mac to have a try!

Tips: If you download YouTube videos, but you want to watch it on iPad, you need to Convert YouTube to iPad for Mac.